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Working with crystals and sacred geometry I have come up with crystal layout grids for working with different shape, their energy. The aim of exploration was to better understand the power of shapes energy. Applying the various grids for architectural plan layouts is a powerful way to design sacred spaces, however I wanted to be sure that the applied method will work as I intend to.

This way I came up with the layout grids starting from a base - circles of different diameters, to a dodecagon grid. Unity of 10 and Transparency of 10 drawings include the crystal layout grids from triangle to dodecagon. All aligned at the north (top). This way all grids cover the energy of 10 dimensional spaces, from the 3rd up. Being aligned, they work together to bring in the structured cosmic energies throughout all fields surrounding you. This way it works as a harmonizing structure, balancing the chaotic energies in the environment.

unified 10 art print copper sacred geometry

Transparency of 10 ●


Unified 10 and Transparency of 10 differ in the opacity of different elements, visually one is perceived as flat, another one - as carrying more spacious look.

Copper has a special place in my explorations, a lot of time has been spent polishing a circular disk of pure copper, trying to achieve a perfect reflection. And the copper circles' Art is a representation of the copper mirror idea : a gateway to live with integrity, in constant movement, but keeping the main axis straight.

unified 10 art print copper sacred geometry

Unified 10 ●


Making this complex combination as an art print for a personal art exhibition this year, helped me see more clearly, that the drawing resembles the frequency and can be shared with others, seeking to balance the energy of their space.

Minimalist design, clean shape and the texture created by the lines shall be a reminder about the necessity of live your life to the fullest.



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