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AI art generation

Playing with AI raised some questions and gave some answers to what our future might look like. At the end of the game I asked it to interpret one of my geometric drawings to 3D. Here you can see the results.

Obvious it is, AI work can impress human eyes. It can impress with the speed it generates visuals or text. But as long as the idea of the vision comes from a human, creation remains in our hands, and as long as the generated results remain in digital reality, all of it will be in it's own system. In the end, all of that information will be generated and used by AI only, as humans will find ways to enjoy their new way of being, where mind will serve as one of the tools they have, but not as the main one. Keeping the eyes and mind busy with delivered digital information will eventually loose it's importance and serve only for the benefit of human evolution.


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