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Aligning ego with higher self

Recent painting revealed to me the mechanism that blocks the merging of ego with higher self. Through traumatic experiences in life we separate our soul parts from the body and from the very first trauma we keep doing that repeatedly, creating larger gaps between our voice of higher self and ego. Ego without a soul starts creating life based on earthly experiences and needs.

Learning to recognize and pay attention to the voice of higher self we merge the both. Ego willingly accepts and bursts with joy when doing so.

And in the end, higher self starts the returning to the source by ego expanding it's experience in this life on a different level.

Doubt is what you get when the two are separate. Duality is present through doubt in our life.

So merge the two into One. Let your soul desires become the wishes of the ego.

After working on the issues that have surfaced, the outcome is this:

Sacred geometry shape, unifying higher self and ego

Light language art , symmetric, hand drawn unifying the fields, masculine and feminine


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