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Art exhibition of Paintings, Sacred geometry and Digital art

As soon as I left the eclipse period, I released my creative works into the light. I invite you to visit an exhibition of abstract, geometric, and flowing art, which aims to inspire visitors to listen to their inner voice more often, boldly change, and discover themselves anew. In it, you will find the works of three creative stages, revealed in different techniques.

I love symbolism, so at the end of the thirty-ninth circle of my life's path around the Sun, unexpectedly putting together works on 3 floors of 9 in each - for me, it's a good sign from the Universe 🙂

Whoever manages to visit, be sure to leave at least a short message in the sketchbook, which you will find in the painting area on the third floor.

You can see all the works on the three floors of the library. Arriving to get acquainted with the creative works, you may discover something new and about yourself. I recommend taking a leaflet on the ground floor and inspecting the exhibition precisely from the first floor as you climb up the spiral staircase. On each floor you will find works from 9 different creative stages. And on the third floor, you will also find a sketchbook in which I invite you to leave feedback or a message to me.

Integrity, for me, is the full integrity of consciousness, mind, feelings, and the energy and spiritual planes, and the embodiment of authenticity through an ever-changing being on Earth. In my works, I talk about the multidimensionality of Being, the universality of Man, the ability to flow through life by expressing oneself in new ways. The creative process is always a time of discovery for me.

Immersing myself in the flow of inspiration and participating in it, I quite often find answers that no one else could provide. I get invaluable insights, and after I finish the work, I continue to explore it by reading subconscious non-verbal messages to me.

In my abstract art works, the main elements are the original forms, colors and "living" symbols of creation, embodying archetypal forms, personas, factors, states, phenomena and the principles of creating the universe.

Scriptures and drawings are a form of communication between the soul or higher consciousness and the personality acting on Earth, through which we can explore and empathize with the expanses of the inner and invisible world of man in sacred space. The writings, carrying non-verbal information with them, can excite through form and color certain aspects of the natural essence already possessed by the observer, but forgotten.


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