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Crystal clear

What is the power that is enabling this universe to expandand return to the center?

Feeling that expansion and at the same time a return to the essence I can find the answer. We do grow and collect the internal intentional experiences. This is why I share with you the growth of the crystal, so you can uncover the process.

I could find 4 points which asked for healing. Finding the center of irregular triangle, I harmonized the points, and they created additional 2 points. Above and below. Ground and connect to the universe using your experience. The hexagon shaped as a result of this balancing have birth to additional strength in balance on the sides, which represent the past and future. But all there is - is the Now, the I am that I am, my presence.

And when you succeed to harmonize all of those point, all you needed to know and find becomes crystal clear.


Digital geimetric art growth process

Black and white sacred geometry art

Sacred geometry digital art white background black lines


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