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High pitched sound

For as long as I remember myself, I would hear this high pitched sound in my ear, constantly. There is no physical illness, I have checked. The idea that it is some incoming upgrades did not give me enough explanation, because it is constant. So today I decided to HEAR the sound. Not as an outside disturbance, rather with acceptance and openess to know what it is. I sat there listening to it and started drawing, with intention to understand what that sound brings, where it is coming from. After the drawing was finished, I spent some time with it, and noticed that listening to the sound almost instantly brings me to the awareness of energies on a visual plane. I can see them for some time now.

Then I felt guided to let the sound go inside, to the pineal gland. As if the pineal gland has to receive this vibration. The sound is heard in the left ear, and as the sound went deeper, I felt some readjustment on the right ear. Almost as if the sound is coming in through the left side, and going out through the right. Same as with hand energy. Later I had the idea that probably pineal gland should be the one emitting this sound. It is not coming from the outside. I realised it probably is the sound of my energy. I can see energy, feel it and HEAR it! Light and sound is frequency.

From there on I worked on feeling the sound with all of my essence, emitting that frequency which is heard by my ears, the heart spreading that sound, aligning with that frequency, being it. And it felt just right and powerful. The sound was inside, not so much heard from the outside.

I also understood I can match that sound of another person's sound and hear the music that comes from the resonance. In that one case it was not a melody, but a pleasant wavy change of frequency.

Overall experience on the energetic level was intense, readjusting, clearing, balancing and empowering with an expressed element of Kundalini movement.

So I'm sharing with you the drawing. Maybe it will aid you to reveal something special about that ringing in the ears as well.


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