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Pendulum dowsing charts/scales

Use your pendulum dowsing wisely!

Using a chart can broaden your explorations enormously. Just make sure to not have a clear mind before working with a pendulum.

NUMERICAL chart has layers: 1-100 ; thousands-millions-billions; 1 to 7; 1 to 12, 1/4-1/2-3/4 to define quantities, percentage, Hz, degrees, Bovis life force energy, lm (lumens), dimensions and whatever else human mind has the need to measure in numbers.

pendulum dowsing chart numerical

TIME chart - past-now-future; 1 to 12; Mo to Su; spring to winter; new moon to full moon; daytime-night time; 1 to 100 thousands, millions, billions to define hours, days weeks, months, years, lifetimes, moon phases, time of day or year and much more.

pendulum dowsing chart time

ENERGIES chart - destructive - beneficial; 1 to 12 ; Etheric to Ketheric auric layers; DNA to External for levels of physical reality; discharging - recharging and 1 to 100 (K, M, B) to define the quality, strength, level, layer, dimension, polarity of the subtle energies.

pendulum dowsing chart energy

COLORS chart - white-pure-black; visible color spectrum; properties of color adjustments; cold-warm; 1 to 100 to be used for defining the colors, their properties, qualities, temperature, hue and more.

pendulum dowsing chart colors

The charts I designed on a half-circle guide system, contain several layers of divisions, so you do not need to swap the charts and so lose your center by searching for the right one to use. This makes explorations much more effective.

Scales divisions are based on main cycles in our known world : 2 - 3 - 4 - 7 - 12 - 20.

Always remember that our Universe is fractal, and most of what we want to define can not be measured in a linear way, there are layers, scales, dimensions ,.. be open and curious to get most accurate results.


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