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I add 2 photos of this drawing, as metallic pens' color is difficult to capture.

Recent days carried strong energies and it will take some time to gather it all what is encoded in this drawing.

Intentions were as always the best. Including repair and activation of all DNA strands, as many as you have, pineal gland purification and activation, soul sovereignty, serenity and acceptance, balance of Chakras, protective shield strengthening, balanced kundalini flow, conscious remembrance of who you truly are, clearing of all filters and blocks for seeing and recognizing truth, activation of hidden gifts and aligning to the heart.

During the process of drawing I could recognize the balancing of elements, divine feminine and masculine, repair of DNA, creation of life, symbols for activating special gifts, transformative configurations, protection light codes, multidimensionality and overall vibrational and chakras balancing.

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