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The Key

Past 2 days the light codes were flowing in and I feel like I found a key, which was lost a long time ago.

I now realise my earlier paintings were same light codes trying to reach me. But I only allowed one at a time. It is such pleasure to paint and concentrate on only one symbol. But being able to feel the energy of multiple light codes in one piece is unbelievable.

The last painting was done to find the answer how I create doubt. And I found it. And the Key was always inside.

Sharing with you two last drawings, which I feel are powerful. But they will work differently for each viewer, so it is sufficient to say they were drawn in alignment with highest dimension available to my higher self and with purest intention to clear all that is ready to be released and help you align with your highest timeline.

Sacred geometry light body merkabah activation with light codes and light language activation


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