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Digital Marketing Creatives


Graphic Design

"Being a versatile creator and artist I enjoy exploring new opportunities, and digital marketing Creatives design is one of the ways I can help you grow and expand."- Eleonora Katakinaite.
We go beyond traditional graphic design by incorporating the path of experience which the viewer is going to walk while interacting with the viewed content.
Crafting aesthetically pleasing creatives for digital use we consider user interactions, flow, and overall experience using familiarity with digital marketing & branding.


• Initial discussion about the purpose and message of the creatives to be designed

• Preparation of preliminary designs

• Finalizing the chosen option

Style, colors, alignment, images, proportions - they all play a part in finding the optimal composition in the design process. The desired outcome, expected from the creation can be programmed with intention, however the professional work, attention to detail and sense of aesthetics is what speaks to the viewer in the end. Ready to work with G.E.M.A. ?

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