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"Being a versatile creator and artist I found myself offering website design services, Logo, Visual and Brand design solutions following and complementing the Architectural design practice. I was always inspired by the idea that there is no limit to what a human can do or become. And looking back I can see that I am actually living this idea led by endless curiosity and constant self education"- founder of GEMAstudio, Eleonora Katakinaite
We go beyond traditional design process by incorporating the harmonics of Sacred Geometry and intentionally charged graphics.
Crafting websites that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and efficiently portraying the clients' idea, we consider user psychology and overall experience using familiarity with digital marketing and branding. We take each project as our own and give it full attention to provide the best service.


• Primary discussion to reveal your needs

• Functional design preliminary version (using WIX platform for multiple page websites or Carrd platform for single-page sites)

• Necessary grapic design preparation

Final design adjustmens and functionality setting

Assistance in uploading full information, setting up the domain

Style, colors, alignment, images, proportions, flow, function - they all play a part in finding the optimal composition in the design process. The desired outcome, expected from the creation can be programmed with intention, however the professional work, attention to detail and sense of aesthetics is what speaks to the viewer in the end. Ready to work with G.E.M.A. ?

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