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All content on the website is protected by copyright and any associated intellectual property laws. Copyright © 20122024 by Eleonora Katakinaite. All rights reserved.

All digital files purchased from. G.E.M.A. include Personal Use License, allowing you to embrace the transformative energy in your private space.

With this license type You ARE PERMITTED TO:

• Use the digital file for personal needs

• Incorporate our digital resources into educational materials. Attribution or credit is required.


• Resell, redistribute, or share our digital resources as they are or in a form that allows extraction of the original resource. This includes sharing with friends and family. A personal use license is valid for a single individual only. If you know someone who would also benefit from our resources, kindly direct them to the website where they can purchase their own copy.

• Generate profit from the resources. Engaging in any activity with our product that results in obtaining currency, whether real-world or virtual, constitutes commercial usage and is prohibited under this license.

• Claim copyrights to the resources.

This license explicitly prohibits the following actions related to the purchased item:

- Selling the digital item itself in its original or modified format, or any derivative thereof.

- Granting sublicenses, transferring, or sharing your Personal Use License or purchase with another individual.

- Including the item in the sale of another product. This means you cannot bundle the purchased file with a t-shirt or any other product featuring the file/graphic and sell it.

- Using and selling graphics and digital designs as part of a new commercial use digital design, even when layered with other designs or flattened. For instance, if you buy an item that features an apple design, you cannot include that apple in a new digital design that you create and sell.

- Digitizing and reselling items that contain digital cut files as any other file type (e.g., embroidery file).

- Using our representation of the item or any product featuring the item to promote or market any products that you create. This means you cannot use our imagery or mock-ups for your personal use.

If you have any inquiries or wish to discuss the purchase of a Commercial Use License, please contact me via email.

Copyright © 2012-2024 by G.E.M.A. All rights reserved.

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