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Architectural services

Using the experience in architectural practice, the wisdom of the principles of Sacred Geometry and sensitivity to the flow of energy and intuition, we delve into the essence of human energy as the creator of the space in which he lives. This unique approach seeks to create a better mental and psychological state, integrated spiritual awareness, and protection from the negative effects of electromagnetic fields and geopathic zones.
We are implementing the GEMAmethod that was uncovered and refined by Eleonora Katakinaite, while also combining methods of harmonizing the environment that are already known and widely accepted. In order to create a harmonious space for living in connection with oneself, nature and the universe, first of all, we analyze the current situation :
• the location of the plot / house / apartment,
• orientation to cardinal directions,
• Solar path at exact geolocation,
• shape of the plan & separate rooms,
• human movement trajectories,
light flow,
• the existence of any energy structures, Hartman and Curry grids and other special energy points,
• geometric center,
• naturally existant positive energy center
• the relationship of the client with a specific place and his needs.


Our work begins with a thorough analysis of your space, taking into account its size, layout, and existing energy flow, identify areas that can be optimized for improved harmony and energy flow. Through this comprehensive analysis, we uncover the true potential of your home and lay the foundation for a transformative design.

Living in a conscious space goes beyond mere physical arrangements and design. It encompasses an intentional and mindful approach to how we interact with our environment. One powerful tool that can greatly enhance our conscious living journey is the practice of mindfulness and self-observation. By engaging in this practice during the energetic functional zoning analysis, we can unlock profound insights and create a transformative experience.

Combining intuitive senses, accumulated experience and knowledge, an optimal harmonious structure is found that will unite and harmonize the whole Home.

As the design of interior and the final aesthetic look of the spaces continues to evolve, understanding the power of functional zoning and its impact on the energetic structure becomes crucial. By considering human movement patterns, and the desired functions of different areas, we can create harmonious, dynamic spaces that inspire and energize their occupants.


• Depending on the stage of implementation of the project, all of the following works can be carried out, or only part of them, in search of the optimal solution:

• Targeted consultation and optimization for specific areas of your space

• Focus on key rooms such as the bedroom, living room, or workspace.

• Assessment of energy imbalances and blockages within the chosen area.

• Recommendations for rearrangement, and energetic enhancements.

• The most suitable location and orientation for the house is determined, finding the right shape or composition of shapes, and selection of locations for other buildings, plants, and small-architecture solutions.

• Creating the functional zoning of the home, which strongly influences whether the house will be a Sanctuary.

• Selecting locations for essential equipment and furniture.

• Creating a three-dimensional (volumes) lighting solution.

• Providing recommendations for the integration of natural elements, materials, useful decorative forms, proportions, unique patterns, and other important details that can affect the future aura of the house.

• Follow-up session to assess the impact of the changes and make further adjustments if needed.

GEMAmethod℠ (Geometric-Energetic-Multidimensional-Architecture) stresses that it is the human body having an energetic field while moving in space influences the overall energy and leaves a trace. In a way a home becomes an organism on an subtle level. Using this unique methodology found by Eleonora Katakinaite, based on the knowledge of Sacred geometry and explorations subtle layers of existance we are able to create a harmonious structure that will support and enhance your life in many ways.
We understand that planning a space that is empowering, supportive of life energy and strengthening the human being involves many layers. Therefore, this is a multidimensional principle that achieves transformative harmonization at the quantum level, which is distinctive and powerful.

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