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Interior design


Architectural services

In the stage of Interior design our goal and task is to ensure that the created Home space reflects and supports its Creators - the Humans who will live and thrive in the Space. Unique lifestyle, aesthetic taste, overal aura of your home - all are aspects of you, in a way. Using intuitive abilities, experience and technical knowledge we shall go through a magical journey of home creation. Your attention and our expertise in the final stage of home decoration is important to make sure the essence and primary intent of design is not deviated from. This way harmony of your Home shall fill all subtle and reality levels.


•Deep analysis of your lifestyle and current property

•Functional zones planning following Holistic approach and G.E.M.A. method, inspired by Sacred geometry explorations

•Alignment and arrangement of spaces in relation to cardinal directions

•Primary Elements balance overview

•Furniture layout plans

•Reflected ceiling plans

•Floor finishing plans

•Lighting design

•Plumbing, electrical and ventilation drawings

•3D modelling and visualization

•Elevations of kitchen and bathrooms

•Facade drawings for integrated furniture

•Preparation of additional technical drawings to implement the project

Ready to embark on a transformational journey? Contact us to initiate the communication. We are eager to discuss your project, answer any questions and explore the possibilities of creating a project that aligns perfectly with your vision.
Experience the profound impact of customized energetic functional zoning - G•E•M•A method. Let's transform the way home design is intended and co-reate your home as a sacred sanctuary where harmony, balance, and positive energy abound. Take the first step towards a home that truly reflects your aspirations and contact us for a thorough analysis and a personalized design journey. Together, we'll create a space that resonates with your soul.

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