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Logo design


Graphic Design

When creating Logo design, we always ask additional questions, which might seem irrelevant to some. But we intend for the creation to reflect deeper, speak clearer and represent you better! That's why we want to onow more. We go beyond traditional graphic design by incorporating the harmonics of Sacred Geometry and intentionally charged graphics.
A logo for a brand can carry a message to the clients in more ways than simply the visual. And our aim is to transfer that message the purest way. Our designs are always created by human creator with utmost attention and deeper analysis than the now-common image generation could ever offer.
Crafting aesthetically pleasing logos and associated brand attributes we consider user psychology and overall experience using familiarity with digital marketing, branding.


• Discussion / questionnaire filling

• Primary 3-5 logo design options

• Further detailing of the design

• Final version delivered in a full set of vector and raster image files and guidelines for usage

Style, colors, alignment, images, proportions - they all play a part in finding the optimal composition in the design process. The desired outcome, expected from the creation can be programmed with intention, however the professional work, attention to detail and sense of aesthetics is what speaks to the viewer in the end. Ready to work with G.E.M.A. ?

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