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Quantum Healing Arts


Quantum Healing Arts

Soul expression of the moment or writing intuitively with intent. Healing abilities of such expressions are powerful, if one allows his mind to slow down enough and experience what is being revealed to the human from his innate essence.
Similar to neurographics, this method merges the realms of artistry, spiritual explorations and psychology. It's a method where one, in a meditative state, sketches abstract shapes and lines that mirror the neural configurations unique to an individual. Engaging in this artistic practice with the deliberate aim to transform oneself aids in forging fresh neural connections. This act serves to remodel the brain's established circuits, effectively altering one's habitual behaviors, and cognitive patterns.


This is a personal service and the most suitable Healing Art can be chosen from:

Digital art drawing / drawings set

Hand-drawn Sacred Geometry

Light encoded handritten message

All creations come with short insights.

The Digital Art file can be used for sensing it via subtle levels, for meditation, to place your photo on the image to deepen the integration on Quantum level, as well as:

• for printing as wall art

• on various items

• as a screen background

Framing and shipping can also be arranged.

"Find your zero-point. Allowing your field to heal itself using 2-dimensional projection of multidimensional light-body structure and activate the necessary energy centers. Using the divine power all of us have been born with, we can live in Integrity. This is what I help to achieve using my intuitive and artistic abilities. If you are ready to explore what Universe has to offer for you - let's communicate!" - Eleonora, founder of G.E.M.A.

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