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FIELD OF INTEGRITY Pendulum Dowsing Chart
  • FIELD OF INTEGRITY Pendulum Dowsing Chart


    Elevate your dowsing practice with our "Field of Integrity" Dowsing Chart. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Bovis Biometer, this meticulously crafted chart encapsulates intricate layers of energy fields, complete with corresponding levels and colors. The luxurious golden lines etched against a classic black backdrop not only symbolize opulence but also enhance readability and focus during your dowsing sessions.

    Dive deep into the realms of energy fields with the "Field of Integrity" Dowsing Chart. Let the golden lines guide your pendulum to insights and revelations! 

    •   Features: 

      • Exquisite Design:   Stunning golden lines are intricately laid out on a deep black background, creating a visual masterpiece.
      • Comprehensive Layers:   Detailed representation of energy field layers, ensuring a holistic dowsing experience.
      • Diverse Energy Levels:   Multiple levels of energy fields, enabling precision in your readings.
      • Color-Coded:   Easily discernible color tags associated with each energy field, simplifying interpretation. 
      • High-Quality Print:   Made to last with premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

      The stand for the chart-board is perfect for storing and displaying this chart. Each print comes with a hand-crafted, wooden display stand that is made in the UK using solid, oiled oak. Perfect for any desk or area in a home.

      - 0.07" (1.8mm) thick art board
      - Hand-crafted wooden picture stand



    Free mockups

    You can always send us an email with a photo of the room where you intend to place the art work - we will send you a free mockup with the chosen piece, so you can be sure the selected size and design will suit in your place well before ordering.

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